Your Body Is Not Broken

We hear this from patients in our practice all the time and we want to tell you that YOUR BODY IS NOT BROKEN! One of the most inspirational and important aspects of fertility acupuncture is the belief that, given the right conditions, your body will always move towards health, towards balance. Your body wants toContinue reading “Your Body Is Not Broken”

WTF Do All Those Fertility Acronyms Mean?

If you’ve taken one step into the online world of fertility support and Facebook groups, you know that abbreviations abound! We pulled most of the common acronyms together Into a list here for your reference.


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About The BFP

At the Body Fertile Project (BFP), our mission is to bridge current scientific research with the holistic wisdom of Traditional East Asian Medicine to help you create a plan to address fertility struggles. Started by a board-certified reproductive acupuncturist, we aim to educate and support you in your fertility journey to your BFP (big fat positive) and beyond!


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