Welcome to The Body Fertile Project

Welcome to the Body Fertile Project (the BFP)!

If you’ve been trying to get pregnant for 6 months or more, you might be starting to think about reaching out for additional help. Or maybe you’ve been through a bunch of procedures that haven’t worked.

At the Body Fertile Project, our mission is to bridge current scientific research with the holistic wisdom of Traditional East Asian Medicine to help you create a plan to address fertility struggles. Started by a board-certified reproductive acupuncturist, we aim to educate and support you in your fertility journey to your BFP (big fat positive) and beyond!

At the Body Fertile Project we believe:

🌟 Healthy behaviors are more important for fertility than weight loss. We won’t ever tell you to lose weight.
🌟 Love is Love – we support all who want to grow their family.
🌟 Pregnancy happens in many genders, not all identify as women.
🌟 People who want contraception to avoid pregnancy should have full access to it. People who want help with painful or heavy periods or irregular cycles should have fertility-friendly alternatives to taking hormonal birth control.
🌟 Black Lives Matter – only when we all truly believe and act on this statement will we be able to say that all lives matter.
🌟 We share wisdom from the Traditional East Asian Medicine tradition to help people and are deeply indebted to our teachers. We will never appropriate East Asian cultures for our brand or marketing.

If you are just starting to look for help around fertility or if you’ve been following your doctor’s advice but want to know what else YOU can do to improve your fertility, our Optimal Fertility Guide is a great place to begin. In our guide, we walk you through the most common questions that we see in our clinic to make sure you aren’t missing any steps.

There is so much information on the internet, but it doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. We take you step by step to help you improve your fertility and hopefully get your BFP (big fat positive)!

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