Your Body Is Not Broken

We hear this from patients in our practice all the time and we want to tell you that YOUR BODY IS NOT BROKEN!

One of the most inspirational and important aspects of fertility acupuncture is the belief that, given the right conditions, your body will always move towards health, towards balance.

Your body wants to find homeostasis.

Your body wants to support life.

Your body is doing it’s best to take care of you in a modern world that is out of balance. When your body is in fight-or-flight mode on a regular basis, or when low-nutrient foods are setting off an insulin imbalance or creating inflammation, your body is not going to be as ready for reproduction.

We live in a world with:

👉Inflammatory foods with low nutrient content
👉Sedentary work schedules
👉Endocrine-disrupting chemicals and medications
👉Hyper-stimulation and a 24-hour news cycle

The more you support your body and move away from 👆 the more your body can get into rest, digest & reproduce mode. The steps in our Optimal Fertility Guide help you do just that.

In our Optimal Fertility Guide:

  • We don’t tell you to lose weight.
  • We don’t say you’re too old.
  • We DO walk you through the most important fertility boosting information to make sure that you are supporting your body for optimal fertility.

There is so much you CAN do to support your fertility. Following the steps in our guide will help to improve your chances of getting pregnant, whether you’re trying at home or doing a medicated cycle.

Can you send your body some love today?

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